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      • Who's Ready for (blk) Friday?

        Co. Co. is ready for Friday, and let me tell ya we have NEVER been this excited about Friday since last Friday. I mean we're going to be basically giving away our store! Everything is on sale From this Black Friday to CYBER MONDAY!! Use code: BLKFRIDAY to get 45%...

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      • DIY Pink & Gold Vintage Themed Baby Shower!

        So the baby shower for little Miss E has finally come and gone! woohoo- it was a blast, we got a lot of great things for her, but I am glad it's over! It was a lot of work for this Mama-to-be. But you know me I was determined to...

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      • Happy Anniversary, Colyars

        Saturday, November 9, 2014 I celebrated my one year marriage anniversary to my husband! Yippee, yay us right? ....Absolutely. I am such a reflective person and so of course this pass weekend caused me to reflect on all that we've been through over the course of our eleven year relationship...

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      • DIY Baby Shower Invitations!

        Hello #CoCoCuties! I am finally getting the chance to blog about the DIY baby shower invitations I created in honor of my little one. Many of my friends and loved ones were shocked that I wanted to create my own invitations and shower decorations but I am the DIY and...

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      • Tip Tuesday: DIY Spa Day!

        Hey #CoCoCuties!!   Today's Tip Tuesday is all about pampering YOURSELF. Many of us coco cuties, man or woman lead pretty busy lives, which may cause a lot of stress. Stress can lead to an array of health problems. So before it gets that far, follow these tips to create...

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